Invited talks


“Gerechtigkeit global gedacht”

Keynote address delivered at the New Year’s function of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), Uhingen chapter


“Moving Beyond the ‘Debt Trap’: (Meta-)Theoretical Reflections on the Analytical Treatment of Debt in Africa-China Studies”

University of Florida, Center for African Studies, China-Africa Working Group


Talk given at an event on Africa organised by Heike Baehrens, Member of the German Parliament


“Belts, roads and railways: Chinese infrastructure projects and regional reordering in Africa”

University of Leipzig, Research Centre Global Dynamics (ReCentGlobe) – Leipzig, Germany
1st annual conference


“China’s spatial fix in Africa : Infrastructure, African agency and the issue of debt”

University of Bremen, Institute for Intercultural and International Studies – Bremen, Germany
Colloquium “Internationalised Politics”


“The political economy of ‘China in Africa’: Chinese overaccumulation, African agency and the issue of debt”

University of Padova, Department of History, Geography and of the Ancient World – Padova, Italy
Graduate seminar series on China-Africa


“The Chinese ‘infrastructural fix’ in Africa: Contradictions in the Sino-Zambian ‘road bonanza’”

University of Edinburgh & Confucius Institute for Scotland – Edinburgh, UK
International Conference on the Belt & Road Initiative


“Africa’s transport infrastructure boom: empowering whom and for what purpose?”

St Andrews Africa Summit – St Andrews, UK